{ celebration }

As a few of you may already know, I hit my weight loss goal this past Saturday, May 14, 2016. I was completely overwhelmed and thrilled!!  It was actually a huge surprise to me.

I had really hit it hard the last week or so, and by Friday, I was pretty certain I would NOT hit it the next day, like I so desperately wanted to. I was hungry, tired, depressed, didn’t feel good, and I just wanted a bunch of MEAT by the time Friday night rolled around. I eat chicken a lot, and I’m completely addicted to it, but I really wanted smoked BEEF BRISKET for some reason. So, Friday night we went to a local BBQ joint and I had a half pound of brisket and a chunk of block cheddar cheese.

Let me back up just a bit… May 14th was a big day for our town, college graduations, prom night for high schools, etc. So, I wanted to leave town because it would be so busy. Leaving town means *better* shopping and… *wonderful* eating… about 2 hours from home. I wanted to hit my goal so it could be more of a celebration as well, and so I didn’t have to wait another week or two to finally hit that big goal.

Back to Friday night: I ate all my BBQ, most of the big block of cheese and even a slice of sausage from my husband’s sandwich. It was all so good, and made me feel better – even knowing it would make me not hit my goal. We went out in town later that night, and we *almost* went for a dessert (I was feeling better, but still depressed about not hitting goal, and just wanted to EAT) – but, thankfully, it was almost 9pm, so we decided to just go home and I’m SO GLAD we did.

The next morning, we got up 3 hours earlier than we normally do so we could get ready and head out of town to make a full day of it. When I got on the scale extra earlier than usual on a Saturday, and the scale showed I hit goal, I was in complete SHOCK. Thank you Lord, and thank you brisket!


Saturday became a full day of celebration – and it was fantastic. Did I eat a lot of things I don’t normally?  Of course. Did I spend too much shopping? Most certainly. However, that will not deter me from the direction of my life. The stress has lifted and I feel like I can live my life – my NEW life – starting now. Personally, my goal was to hit 145, and my “maintenance range” is the 5 pounds above that – basically below 150. I didn’t intended to hit that goal and stay at or below. I want to stay right above 145, which is why it didn’t bother me to enjoy my day. I will continue low carb, and now I feel like I can stretch out a bit, relax, try new recipes, and other things I didn’t want to risk before.

My husband suggested we make May 14th an annual family holiday, taking the day off work (if it’s a weekday) and leave town – we will call it:  “The May Get A-Weigh.”

And I think that’s a fantastic idea.



2 thoughts on “{ celebration }

  1. Amazing and Congrats again! Very inspirational. Love the name for your new annual holiday. Enjoy 🙂


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