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{ direction }

Well into two years of this journey, I am still learning so much – so much about diet and nutrition, and so much about MYSELF.

I randomly ran across this saying today and it really hit home:


This past Saturday, I hit a new low – only 2.5 pounds from goal… then I GAINED for three days straight (when eating everything right). It’s so hard seeing the number on the scale move up and away from that finish line.

I was complaining to my husband about it (no surprise there), and he made a very interesting observation. “Which is really a failure? The one who goes back to the old lifestyle — or the one who keeps on a path of healthy living?” His birthday was earlier this week, and he wanted to go out to a place that’s NOT low carb friendly for me (and one of my most favorite places). So, of course, I was stressing out about it after the previous gains in the week, and he continued, “the fact that it’s on your mind – you have it before you – you keep the resistance there… this speaks volumes.”

Direction. MY Direction.

After that discussion – and a great meal (yum!) – I decided I needed to quit putting added stress in my life. Something needed to change. I am a self-admitted scale addict — literally weighing MULTIPLE times a day. I am going back to weighing in only on Saturdays. I am already feeling less stressed without the scale looming over me every morning. I was also in a race to finish. Why the rush? Who was I racing?? No one. Just me. Does it really matter what the scale says? Shouldn’t *healthy* be the important thing?


This entire week gave me a whole new perspective. I know the direction I’m going, and one higher carb meal isn’t going to deter that. I’ve done all of this before, so I know what to do and NOT to do.

It’s all about the right direction.



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