{ carbs happen }

In my last post about recommitment, I meant well… but, things happen.

In my case:  Spring Break.

I decided to take a few days off and enjoy my short break.

I thought I could keep my eating under control and only moderately eat off plan. Big FAIL.
I learned a LOT from this short break. Food addiction is no laughing matter. And it NEVER goes away. People don’t understand food addiction, it is like no other addiction. Like I’ve said before, food is not something you can give up. We all have to eat to live – THREE times a day, typically. But for me, there’s no eating a *little* of this or that when it comes to carbs. Once I start, it’s over – until I cut it off completely. I ate WAY more than I should, of way too many things I don’t normally eat. A few times I could have easily skipped a meal because I wasn’t even remotely hungry (to put it bluntly, I was FULL) … but I was on my “break” and wanted to eat all those foods I don’t normally eat while it was “allowed.” FOUR days, and LOTS of pounds later… I felt awful, both physically and mentally. So much so that I didn’t extend my food fest into my last day I was actually off.

BUT. Here’s the difference between the old me and the new me…

I’ve done this before. I know EXACTLY where it leads. And I know what to do to stop going down that road again.

Carbs Happen | Losing Loads Weight Loss Blog

I’m right back to my low carb lifestyle after enjoying a lot of food, and I’ve already lost most of the weight I gained. I used a new calculator found at KetoDiet Buddy, which showed my fats should be closer to 75%-80% a day, and protein at only 66 grams. I’m used to eating 100+ grams a day, and I LOVE meat, so I haven’t been able to go that low, but I’ve tried to stay closer to 80ish grams and keep fat in the 73%+ range, and this week it REALLY seems to be working. I’ve lost about two pounds a day – which a lot of that is water weight from the carbs, of course, and I think I’m back into losing *actual* weight. Even still – I’m thrilled. For quite a few months, I was sticking to around 60-65% fat a day, and it was working, but for now I am going to try close to 75% and see where that gets me. Usually I would resort to a fat fast or some drastic measure after eating and gaining the way I did. This week I could still eat close to what I normally did, just more fat, without the fasting. It’s been great. I’m hoping this new fat level will continue the weight loss for a while.

Now I have a new finish line – I want to hit goal before my (yikes) 20-year reunion this summer in a little over 3 months. I’m further away from goal than I was before Spring Break, but I can do it. Not that many pounds left!




12 thoughts on “{ carbs happen }

  1. Nicole Breeding says:

    Girl, you are amazing and an inspiration. I need to lose about 75 lbs and I’ve started and stopped low carb about 4 times. I do well and then I decide I want bread and boom…done. You are awesome.


  2. akrobson says:

    Incredible! You look amazing!


  3. jazyjen says:

    Just had this same experience and I’m gonna get right back to eating the right way :). Onward and upward!


  4. Mbutner says:

    I love this post! This is what I’ve been trying to tell people who want to start and they ask things like but how do you not eat this or not eat that? I’ve been doing this woe strictly since Nov 1, 2015 and now none of that bothers me I can get right back at it after eating something I maybe shouldn’t have but yes carbs are extremely addicting and I could easily just get right back to my old habits but nothing and I mean nothing tastes as good as how I feel! You are such an inspiration and You are working this!!


  5. Marisol says:

    It’s nice to see that it’s not just me who needs to be all or nothing when it comes to carbs. I find it so difficult sometimes. My husband does his best to encourage and support me, but his mentality of moderation (which works for him) is not something that works for me. When it comes to bread and starch there is no such thing as moderation. I have little self-control and keep putting myself in bad situations and set myself up for failure. It’s very frustrating.

    Thank you for being an inspiration. You are amazing.


    • Wendy says:

      Thank you for your comments, Marisol! I completely agree – moderation is NOT EASY for me either. I either don’t eat it at all, or I go OVERBOARD. Every. single. time. It’s an addiction for me, and a lot of others. So there’s no control, unfortunately.


  6. Kristie says:

    Hi there. You look amazing! Congrats on your continued journey. 🙂 I’ve lost 89 pounds with low carb/keto, so I know the commitment it takes. You said you are dropping your protein and increasing your fat. Are you worried that you will begin to lose muscle by dropping your protein. I know different things work for different people, but I have been very hesitant to drop my protein below 85 grams minimum (I’m just under 5’1″).


    • Wendy says:

      Hi Kristie – thank you so much – and BIG congrats on your weight loss, you’re doing so great! Right now, I’m keeping mine right about the same, but I don’t think I’ll keep my protein there much longer. I’m just looking for those last to pounds to go, then I can hit goal! 🙂


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