{ recommitted }

After the holidays AND my birthday … and LOTS of off plan meals. I decided to get focused and recommitted to getting this last bit of weight off and finally get to my goal.

I decided to stay 100% ON PLAN during the entire month of February (it’s a short month, right!?). Even cutting out the sugar free candies and treats. Then, on Ash Wednesday, my husband came home and mentioned he was participating in Lent (even though our denomination doesn’t follow this). He cut out TV, Netflix, movies, and music (with lyrics) so he could focus on reading and studying. I decided to focus during Lent as well, so I extended my 100% ON PLAN meals through Easter (end of Lent).


So far, my recommitment seems to be working – I’ve gotten completely past all those extra holiday pounds and have been hitting a new low weight every few days. These are small new lows, of course (fractions of a pound), but still new lows for me.

Progress Update (as of 3/1/16):
223.4 pounds GONE – about 5 pounds from goal
Start:  5X/6X shirt, size 32W pants
Now:  Small/Medium shirt, size 4 pants

I hope my body continues to let these last few pounds go, and I can hit goal soon!

Commitment isn’t hard. It’s not willpower. It’s a choice, and anyone can do it. Make small goals for yourself. Those could be 10-pound-loss goals, or staying low carb for 2 weeks solid. And when you hit those goals, keep going. Extend the non-cheat days. The longer someone stays on plan, the easier it is. You are the only one that can do it, and only do it for yourself.


4 thoughts on “{ recommitted }

  1. Danica says:

    You give me hope!


  2. Jana says:

    You are an inspiration to many! Myself especially. I just don’t have the willpower. I’m very proud of you!❤️🙋


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