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Meal planning…

HA! I am way too unorganized for anything like weekly meal planning. Plus, how do I know if I’m going to be in the mood for a specific meal five days from now? I also eat the same thing ALL the time… I think I’ve mentioned that before…

Yes, CHICKEN. I’m seriously obsessed.

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Instead of meal planning, I do more meal PREPPING.

This was my chicken stash as of this weekend’s shopping trip – the stash is much smaller now since I devour chicken on a daily basis, of course.

I have found this method is the best thing to do with chicken breasts. First, I always buy the large family pack of chicken breasts, since they are cheaper per pound. I break open the package, trim the chicken breast more (if needed), and then I split every single one horizontally to make them thinner, which makes them cook so much better in the skillet. I pack 3 or 4 pieces in quart size freezer bags, flatten as best as I can, and remove as much air as possible. Then I lay them flat in the freezer. Packing the chicken this way is SO convenient. I don’t have to thaw an entire family pack (on the styrofoam tray, which takes forever!), and if I forgot to take chicken out for dinner, I just throw a package or two into some water, and in 15-20 minutes they are thawed and ready to go (those thinner cut breasts help tremendously in this respect!).

So, my ‘planning’ is to prep. Then I am ready to cook for weeks!  (if the chicken lasts that long…)

To all of you planners – great job! And to the unorganized rest of us…. get prepping!


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