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Meal planning…

HA! I am way too unorganized for anything like weekly meal planning. Plus, how do I know if I’m going to be in the mood for a specific meal five days from now? I also eat the same thing ALL the time… I think I’ve mentioned that before…

Yes, CHICKEN. I’m seriously obsessed.

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Instead of meal planning, I do more meal PREPPING.

This was my chicken stash as of this weekend’s shopping trip – the stash is much smaller now since I devour chicken on a daily basis, of course.

I have found this method is the best thing to do with chicken breasts. First, I always buy the large family pack of chicken breasts, since they are cheaper per pound. I break open the package, trim the chicken breast more (if needed), and then I split every single one horizontally to make them thinner, which makes them cook so much better in the skillet. I pack 3 or 4 pieces in quart size freezer bags, flatten as best as I can, and remove as much air as possible. Then I lay them flat in the freezer. Packing the chicken this way is SO convenient. I don’t have to thaw an entire family pack (on the styrofoam tray, which takes forever!), and if I forgot to take chicken out for dinner, I just throw a package or two into some water, and in 15-20 minutes they are thawed and ready to go (those thinner cut breasts help tremendously in this respect!).

So, my ‘planning’ is to prep. Then I am ready to cook for weeks!  (if the chicken lasts that long…)

To all of you planners – great job! And to the unorganized rest of us…. get prepping!


{ catching up }

Sick and tired. That was my life for the past month.

I was tired…EXTREMELY tired – especially at night, and sometimes immediately after I woke up. Then other weird symptoms started… numbness/tingling in my shins and forearms, lightheadedness, and more. It got bad enough I had to go to the doctor – and if you know me, it takes a LOT for me to make a doctor visit, and I actually went to two different ones. My first doctor thought was a vitamin deficiency, so I had a set of labs done, and also found out I had a very low grade fever (I was clueless about that). A week later and symptoms not subsiding, I visited another doctor for her opinion on my first set of labs. Low and behold, I still had that little fever… we ordered even more labs and rechecked some of the same vitamins from the first labs. With that lingering fever, the doctor thought it was some sort of little smoldering virus in my system. And even if some of my vitamin levels were borderline, it could throw those off. All the lab results were still a bit inconclusive, however only my folic acid was low, and my B12 and B6 were high. Chicken (which I eat obsessively) are high in both B12 and B6, so no surprise there. So, some things had to change…

The doctor thought that along with this virus, my body may be playing catch up and trying to balance itself out with all the weight I have lost in a relatively short amount of time. This made complete sense to me. As much as I want to hit goal as quickly as possible, I think my body needed some time to adjust. Her orders were to stop taking my daily vitamins and eat “less restrictive” for a few weeks (or a month) while this virus runs its course. What!!??  Eat less restrictive?!  Immediately, I had NO idea what to eat. In my mind, the sky was the limit, since I am typically very restrictive.

So, for two weeks, that’s exactly what I did.

During that time, I also had a trip to Los Angeles planned for a conference, which I knew they were providing the food – so it was actually good timing as far as “less restrictive” food was concerned.

Back home from the conference, feeling MUCH better, and a few more days of “free range” eating – and I decided to weigh myself…


Let’s just say… my clothes still fit (maybe a little more snug), which I’m happy about. But, I really don’t feel good eating all those carbs – that bloated and full feeling all the time. So, as of two days ago, I’m fully back to low carb again, and I’m already feeling even better and losing weight. I am going back to being very restrictive for now, just to get the initial weight back off, which is mainly water (almost 3 pounds of which I lost this morning). I’m going to see how my body handles it, and when I get back to my lowest weight I will see if I need to modify anything.


Lesson learned here:  Even though you can be losing weight and your body seems to be handling it well, keep a close eye on the little things your body is telling you. It may be time to slow down for a bit, or your body will slow down for you. It’s okay to be less restrictive for a while, all the time knowing you’re sticking to low carb as a lifestyle. I know there are things I ate that I could have passed on and still been less restrictive, but you know what? That’s okay, too. My weight tracker phone apps said I would hit goal around the end of this month, before my life changed for a few weeks. I know I will not hit goal this month, but I know I will eventually.

It’s a journey, not a race.

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