{ pizza chicken }

Simple, real food.

I honestly believe that’s the best thing anyone can eat to stay healthy and keep weight down.

I’m a self-admitted chicken ADDICT. I swear I could eat it every meal of every day. One of my absolute favorites is a simple pan grilled chicken breast, seasoned with salt (I use Himalayan pink salt), black pepper, and garlic powder, topped with a slice of colby jack, along with some melted butter. (Since chicken is so low in fat, I eat it with melted butter to get my fat intake to the correct range for the day.) I have literally eaten this for weeks straight… addicted, I tell you.

Every once in a while, I like to change it up a little. I will still go right back to my colby jack / chicken addiction, but this one is so good as well. It fills a “pizza” void to me – gives the flavors, without the carbs. I lovingly call this Pizza Chicken – yes, I know, very original…

Pizza Chicken | Losing Loads Blog

Pizza Chicken is simple. I pan grill the chicken breast, seasoned with the same salt, pepper, and garlic powder as before, with the addition of Italian seasoning. On top, I melt a whole milk mozzarella slice, and place a few pepperoni slices on top, and a few pepperonis in my mouth … I have to make sure they still taste okay, right?!?
And of course, then I put the chicken in some melted butter – this is about a tablespoon.

I LOVE that our grocery store carries WHOLE MILK (full fat) mozzarella slices. These will probably not be on your regular cheese aisle, check your deli counter – that is where I get mine. My store usually has them already pre-sliced with other cheeses and meats on a kiosk in front of the deli, so no waiting!

Enjoy keeping it simple every day!


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