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{ priorities }

My neighbor at the end of my street has a meticulously manicured lawn and flowerbed. Not one blade of grass is out of place – it’s quite amazing. I don’t always see her investing the time and energy to make it so perfect, mostly just the final results. I would love for my lawn and flowerbed to look as beautiful as hers, but I (i.e. my husband) don’t do the work.

The same goes for our bodies. You can’t dream, wish, or pray for a healthier, leaner body. The reality is, the work has to be done, and you are the only one that can invest the time and energy to get the results. Obviously, my priorities don’t include the landscaping around my house. My priorities include working on projects in the house, getting other things done that *need* to get done, watching television/relaxing (yep!), and working on myself. It’s all about priorities.

I read something this week, and it really hit home in many ways:
“Instead of saying ‘I don’t have time,’ try saying ‘it’s not a priority,’ and see how that feels.”


Make time to take care of YOU. Love yourself enough to make YOU a priority.

Want to spend more time with your kids/grandkids? Work on YOU, and you’ll be around for many more years to come. As selfish as it sounds, you have to love and take care of yourself first and the rest will follow.

I’m speaking to myself here as well. This has been a really hard thing for me to deal with. There’s been a lot of “self hate” going on with me for many, many years. I need to stop listening to that nagging voice in my head, too. I’m slowly learning to love myself and love this new, strange body I’m suddenly in.

Now, my next *needed* priority? Getting back to the gym………


Update:  I have been low carb / ketogenic 20 months as of today.
211 pounds GONE – about 20 pounds from goal (unless I change it again). 😉
Start:  5X/6X shirt, size 32W pants — Now:  Medium shirt, size 6 pants

Low carb / keto - 211 pounds lost!  | Losing Loads


{ tips }

I am often asked about tips for following a low carb lifestyle. Low carb can be confusing at first, eat this / don’t eat that. However, once you have the basics, it’s fairly easy — and getting help to STAY on plan makes it that much easier. With that being said, here are my tips for sticking to (and getting the best results from) a low carb lifestyle:

  • Track everything you eat – This is essential. As you get more comfortable eating, little bites here and little nibbles there can add up – the so-called “carb creep.”
  • Clean out the cupboards/pantry – The less temptation, the better.
  • Read labels – I read the label of everything I buy – you never know about those hidden and added sugars. Don’t just look at the carb count, check the ingredients! If sugar (which is used under many, many names) is one of the first 3 ingredients, run away!
  • Mini goals – Make mini goals for yourself, maybe 10 pounds at a time. One HUGE goal can be too daunting. I’ve adjusted my goal multiple times along the way, so nothing is set in stone.
  • Keep track of your weigh-ins / monitor your progress – That downward graph is very motivating! And remember, fluctuations happen, as long as it’s trending down, keep up the good work!
  • Measure INCHES – Scales can be your best friend or worst enemy (see fluctuations comment in previous tip) – measure inches along with weight for even more accurate progress.
  • Buddy up – Families following the same plan is much easier than going at this alone. Get the whole family involved and healthier! Support is one of the best things you can have to keep you going.
  • Consistency is KEY – The longer you can not ‘cheat,’ the better – less cravings, easier to stick to the plan. Cutting out all possible triggers cold turkey and getting over them is the best way, so no planned cheat meals!
  • Eat REAL food – Nothing processed or pre-packaged (even if it says low carb or sugar free). Also, limit the amount of processed meats such as lunchmeat, sausage, and yes… bacon. Those can still be eaten, but use caution.
  • No low fat / fat free foods – The manufacturers add sugar when removing fat. We NEED the fat. Stay away from these – use full fat cheese, heavy cream, etc.
  • Low carb does NOT equal high protein – Keep those fat percentages UP!
  • Have a plan – Not necessarily a meal plan, but keep your fridge/freezer stocked with meats, eggs, cheeses, fats, and low carb veggies so you are ready to go.
  • Make restaurants work for YOU – CUSTOMIZE their menu to create the meal you want. Find the restaurants that are acceptable for low carb and the ones that will work with you.
  • Eat EARLY – I try to have dinner eaten and done by 6pm, if possible – definitely no later than 7pm. That’s not always possible if I’m not in control, of course, but typically, that is my plan. I also do not snack after dinner.
  • Get enough sleep – Try to get 7-8 hours a night, if possible.
  • Fall off Plan? Get RIGHT BACK on – Not next week, not tomorrow… get back on plan at your next MEAL.
  • Buy an article of clothing you LOVE that’s too small – Hang it out as motivation to continue until you can wear it. And then… Repeat.
  • Change it Up – Stalled? Try lowering your carbs if you are close to 20 a day. Try raising your fat or lowering your fat. Sometimes your body needs a curveball thrown at it to keep the weight loss moving.
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE – The more simple, the better. Simple foods, simple recipes… makes life (and weight loss) easier.

TIPS for low carb lifestyle from blogger who has lost over 200 pounds  |  Losing LoadsSimple and delicious!

{ struggles }

The struggles are real.

The struggles are daily.

Some struggles get easier with time, and some don’t. I’ve learned to deal with some, and others bother me on an almost daily basis. Let’s face it – I’m a worrier. I always have been. This doesn’t help my situation.

I’ve talked about this before. Bad days happen. Even after losing over 200 pounds and being so close to that final goal (whatever it may be) … I still get depressed. I will feel like I haven’t gotten anywhere. Then I worry about it. “Will the weight come back?  What if ‘this’ happens?  What if ‘that’ doesn’t happen?  What am I going to do when….?”

These are the days I have to go back to my many, many ‘selfies’ I’ve taken over the last year and a half. I have to force myself to look and remember how far I’ve come. Scales and mirrors can be your best friend or worst enemy. But pictures – especially side by side – tell a story.
My continuing story.

Struggles  |  Losing Loads

After living almost my entire life, I recently had to learn how to smile. It feels forced to me, but looks natural – that’s another one of the “oddities” of this journey.

I never would have imagined I would take so many pictures of myself, or ask my family to take pictures of me. But I am really glad I did. Documenting this journey with photos is one of the best things I accidentally did. I *almost* didn’t have a before picture, and now I’ve run across a few more, which makes me happy. And cringe.

But I needed them today.

Even the ones that make me cringe.

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