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{ make it work }

“Are you able to eat out on low carb?”

This question is asked quite a bit in the low carb community.

The answer is a resounding YES! (With possible modifications). Make the restaurants work for YOU.

Low Carb at Restaurants  |  Losing Loads
Saltgrass Steakhouse is always great for a low carb lifestyle, however that doesn’t mean you are limited to what’s on the menu. I wasn’t wanting a steak during this outing, and this meal is not on their menu. I ordered the Chicken sandwich with no bun (and no lettuce or tomatoes – meat, cheese, and bacon only, which are all included), green beans instead of French fries, and a side of their garlic steak butter – YUMM.

For those who track calories as well, this is obviously less calories than a steak, plus you aren’t so stuffed with an additional side salad to start (as included with all their steaks and large entree meals).

There are many restaurants where you can customize your meals. A few easy options are bunless burgers, bunless chicken sandwiches, custom salads, and even things that aren’t on the menu at all, such as an omelette at Cracker Barrel (yep, they’ll make you one if you ask!).

Another of my favorites is at our Cotton Patch Cafe. They have an Avocado Chicken Sandwich – this thing has HALF an avocado on it, not just a few teeny slices. It’s fabulous for avocado lovers like myself. My custom order here is no bun, chicken, avocado, substitute Swiss cheese (it’s processed not real – yuck) for shredded cheese (which they use on items like baked potatoes), green beans or broccoli instead of fries, and ranch on the side (which is also included with the original sandwich). Cotton Patch also has a similar burger version (with bacon!) as another custom option.

I’ve never had a waiter/waitress complain. Any custom order has always been taken with no questions. They want to accommodate and make their customers happy, so customize that meal so it works for you!

Happy customizing! (And eating!)


{ stalls }

Stalls. They happen in everyone’s journey, usually multiple times, unfortunately. Even for me.

Lately I’ve been hovering around the same weight, give or take a pound or so, and as frustrating as it is, I will still receive comments from people I see in the office or from social media about how good I look and how I’m an inspiration to so many others. I definitely don’t feel like it when I look at myself in the mirror. I guess that’s my own cynical mind talking back to me. I am my own worst critic — but isn’t everyone?  And to make it worse, you look at yourself in the mirror when you are doing everything right and the scale isn’t moving. It’s so tough.

Low carb weight loss stalls | Losing Loads

Multiple times a day, you have to consciously make the decision to eat the right things…. every. single. day. And when you aren’t losing, it makes those decisions even harder. Even when trying different things to break a stall, and nothing seems to be working, when knowing that sometimes a stall is only broken with…TIME… makes you want to pull your hair out.

If you are stalled, I am right there with you. I feel your pain. I know you’re hurting. I’ve been there before, I’m there now, and I’m sure I’ll be there again. I’ve laughed. I’ve cried. This journey is not an easy one.


Just keep going – because it works.

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