{ cheating }

Something I have noticed that is often asked in my low carb Facebook groups concern cheating.

“How often can I have a cheat day?” “Is it okay if I have a weekly cheat meal/day?”

Personally, my answer is do not plan for cheat days or meals – they are not for everyone. Some people are very strong and have fantastic willpower, and they advocate weekly cheat meals to others who are not so strong. This can cause a serious problem of cheat meals spiraling out of control and turning into cheat days, weeks, months, and unfortunately, YEARS.

I speak from experience. Over 10 years ago, I lost 150+ pounds following a low carb lifestyle, and I would cheat on occasion. Those cheats became more and more often, and eventually, all the weight came back, plus more. Since I have literally been down this road twice now (gaining all the weight twice, and losing 150+ pounds twice), I have learned so much. Cheating is not the way to go. I am stronger now, and sure, I have a meal I shouldn’t from time to time, however, there are MANY months in between. And I know when that meal is over, it’s right back to low carb. Period.

I have now lost a little over 170 pounds with VERY few cheats. The first six months starting low carb, I did not cheat at all. We were planning for our Alaskan cruise that summer, and I lost 90 pounds before we left. Take note of the large spike in the graph below — that was our cruise. Since it was a once-in-a-lifetime cruise (and our first ever cruise) with all of my family, I planned on and enjoyed all of the cruise food offerings. And it was totally worth it. Does that mean I’m contradicting myself? Absolutely not. Sure, it was planned, but I had not cheated for my first full 6 months, so I will fully committed to my low carb lifestyle. I made some great memories on the cruise with my family and it wouldn’t have been the same without experiencing everything available on our trip.

Advice on Low Carb cheating  |  Losing Loads

After that “cruise spike” my weight loss has continued to progress. And again, that was planned. I knew when my feet were back home, it was right back to my new “normal.”

Commitment and dedication is paramount if even considering cheating. Sure, I have had other meals here and there over the past 15 months, like a special anniversary dinner with my husband or something like that, but I know for me, even one cheat meal will set me back for days, if not weeks, plus make me feel awful for at least a day or two. Even more reasons to not have regular cheats.

Will I cheat again? I’m positive. Will it be often and regular? Absolutely not. I will not go back down that road again…


2 thoughts on “{ cheating }

  1. Samantha says:

    What app are you using to track your progress like that? I love the visual!!


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