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{ work it out }

About a week and a half ago, we joined a local 24-hour gym. It is very convenient, because I’m sure we’ll be working out at 3 a.m… I am really enjoying it, other than the occasional gym rat scouting for guys (which is obvious by how they dress). We made an appointment with a trainer for the first of our 3 visits for our history and exercise assessments, etc.

I immediately fell in love with the rowing machine. I wanted to row forever, until about the third day. It is definitely a good workout for your entire body! We tried out the treadmills and a few of the weight machines. Surprisingly after 5 days, I really wasn’t that sore. On day 6, we had our second appointment with a trainer for exercise assessment for range of motion, how our backs and shoulders looked while doing certain exercises, and to see what we could and couldn’t do, just so he knows what we need to work on. (Just FYI – for me… A LOT). This appointment only lasted about 45 minutes and I really wouldn’t qualify it as a “workout,” it involved lots of standing around as my husband and I took turns doing certain things. Our trainer gave us tips along the way, like how to hold your shoulders and how to breathe, the entire time.

Apparently he knows what he’s doing, because the next day I was more sore than any of the previous days – just holding your shoulders a certain way targeted muscles that it didn’t before when we used the same weight machines.

So far there’s only been one drawback:  NO REAL WEIGHT LOSS. I’ve had such good losses up until we joined and the first few days, but for the last week, I’ve lost virtually nothing. I’m not really pleased with this at all. I know it takes time for your body to catch up, especially when starting a whole new workout routine, but it is very frustrating when you feel like you are doing more and more to lose weight and getting less and less results.

I’m at a crossroads — do I just stick it out and see if the weight loss finally comes after the muscles recover some? Or do i start tweaking my macros again? Or both?

For now, I’m going to finally get in a rest day today (which I’m sure I should have already done), and just hang in there and see what happens… hopefully it will all “work out.”


{ cheating }

Something I have noticed that is often asked in my low carb Facebook groups concern cheating.

“How often can I have a cheat day?” “Is it okay if I have a weekly cheat meal/day?”

Personally, my answer is do not plan for cheat days or meals – they are not for everyone. Some people are very strong and have fantastic willpower, and they advocate weekly cheat meals to others who are not so strong. This can cause a serious problem of cheat meals spiraling out of control and turning into cheat days, weeks, months, and unfortunately, YEARS.

I speak from experience. Over 10 years ago, I lost 150+ pounds following a low carb lifestyle, and I would cheat on occasion. Those cheats became more and more often, and eventually, all the weight came back, plus more. Since I have literally been down this road twice now (gaining all the weight twice, and losing 150+ pounds twice), I have learned so much. Cheating is not the way to go. I am stronger now, and sure, I have a meal I shouldn’t from time to time, however, there are MANY months in between. And I know when that meal is over, it’s right back to low carb. Period.

I have now lost a little over 170 pounds with VERY few cheats. The first six months starting low carb, I did not cheat at all. We were planning for our Alaskan cruise that summer, and I lost 90 pounds before we left. Take note of the large spike in the graph below — that was our cruise. Since it was a once-in-a-lifetime cruise (and our first ever cruise) with all of my family, I planned on and enjoyed all of the cruise food offerings. And it was totally worth it. Does that mean I’m contradicting myself? Absolutely not. Sure, it was planned, but I had not cheated for my first full 6 months, so I will fully committed to my low carb lifestyle. I made some great memories on the cruise with my family and it wouldn’t have been the same without experiencing everything available on our trip.

Advice on Low Carb cheating  |  Losing Loads

After that “cruise spike” my weight loss has continued to progress. And again, that was planned. I knew when my feet were back home, it was right back to my new “normal.”

Commitment and dedication is paramount if even considering cheating. Sure, I have had other meals here and there over the past 15 months, like a special anniversary dinner with my husband or something like that, but I know for me, even one cheat meal will set me back for days, if not weeks, plus make me feel awful for at least a day or two. Even more reasons to not have regular cheats.

Will I cheat again? I’m positive. Will it be often and regular? Absolutely not. I will not go back down that road again…

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