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For the last few months I’ve been plugging away, sticking to what I should eat, and walking/exercising for our team at work. About a month ago, I started gaining about a pound a day¬†out of nowhere (no cheating or any other reason). I freaked out, of course. Anyone who has been as heavy as I was and lost any amount of weight sees themselves going right back to where they were, even if the gain was only 3 pounds. I begin to research and see if it was time to tweak what I’ve been doing, and maybe throw my body a curve ball to get it back on track. I read how you don’t need all the excess fat (like bullet proof coffees and drowning food in butter), you should have a protein goal and always hit it (to keep muscle mass), and count calories, and I was skeptical at first, because I had lost so much without doing any of these things. I decided to give it a try anyway, so I lowered my fat intake (still WAY higher than any “low fat,” unhealthy diet), and calculated my protein and calorie goals (see Helpful Links for nutritional calculator).

Low and behold, it worked and here I am a month later and over 12 pounds lighter, almost 165 pounds GONE. I’m not 100% strict on calories, it’s more of a ballpark. Sometimes I’m over, sometimes I’m under, and other times exercise might make me hit my goal. I have a feeling I’ll have to keep throwing curve balls every once in a while to keep my body “on it’s toes” along this journey, and that’s understandable. Right now, I’m doing what works … until it doesn’t.

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