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{ lunch }

I’m often asked what I eat.

First, let me be a little clear on the lifestyle I follow. I know I have mentioned low carb many times, and yes, that is how I started over 13 months ago. For the last 4 or 5 months, I have transitioned more into following a low carb high fat / ketogenic lifestyle. Both of these have ratios of keeping your fat and protein levels higher. And yes, fat is good for you!

Low Carb foods | Losing Loads

Yesterday’s lunch consisted of a 1/2 pound bunless burger, topped with bacon, avocado, and cheese, with some lettuce and ranch. So good and really hit the spot. Some might think this isn’t much food, but honestly I usually order the 1/3 pound burger and both are very filling. I almost couldn’t finish yesterday’s big burger… almost. 😉

Basically, I eat a lot of meat – anything from steaks and grilled chicken to shrimp and chicken wings (not breaded, of course). Along with meats, I have veggies including salads, green beans, broccoli, and cauliflower. Avocado is also a big part of my meals, I eat it quite often – I just love it, and it keeps my fat intake higher, where it should be. I drink a lot of water, and I will have one cup of coffee a day with coconut oil, and I’ll order the occasional iced tea at a restaurant.

I won’t go into specifics on low carb high fat or ketogenic diets here since there is a wealth of information found in books and online, however, I am working on a resources page for some sites/books I’ve found very useful and will add that to the menu soon.


{ my buddy }

Something BIG happened this weekend.
Something I NEVER thought would happen… the unexpected, the unforeseen, the dreaded.

Yep… I started EXERCISING.

Who knew an innocent email saying I would join a team for Walk Across Texas at work could have such an impact? Ok, ok, it’s only been 3 days, but still – that’s 3 more days than I would have done before. I really don’t want to let my team down, plus adding exercise was my goal for 2015 – so this has really got me motivated. I wish I didn’t have to sit behind a desk all day.

The first day I jumped right in and walked 45 minutes (along with cleaning and a few other small things we can count towards our weekly team count). The second day, I walked over 2.5 miles and I added a few weight training exercises to try and build more muscle. Later that day, my husband and I were talking and the subject of fitness/activity trackers came up. I had considered a FitBit Flex some time ago, but I realized it didn’t track many things, and the more powerful model – the Force – had been taken off the market. I didn’t really think much of it, since I was “only walking.” Then I went to the FitBit website… low and behold, NEW FitBit models!  More tracking and more features! Then I quickly realized the model I wanted – the FitBit Charge HR – was pretty much impossible to find. I almost ordered one online, but I really preferred a local store in case there was a problem. The search was on. Online searches, many phone calls, excessive amounts of hold time, and one crazy story later… I finally got my fitness buddy.

Low Carb and Fitness  |  Losing Loads

I believe this one was the absolute last one in town. I’m kind of in shock I actually found one.

I’ve always thought, “how can these things actually be motivating??” I set it up last night before I started my daily walking, put it on, synced to my phone, and hit the treadmill. The past couple of days, I’ve walked around 45-50+ minutes or so and I would stop. Last night, wearing the FitBit, I could watch my progress easily on my phone (which I clip to the treadmill). I continued to walk, getting fairly close to the “end” of my walk, and a message pops up on my phone – “Keep Going! Only 1,300 steps away from your daily goal!”  (or something similar)  I can do that! So I kept going.  Motivating indeed. I walked 3.25 miles (not including daily walking around). Who knew!?

Low Carb and Fitness  |  Losing Loads

Yeah, it’s only 10,000 steps, I’m sure many people double that daily, but for me, this is HUGE.

10,000 steps reached (the default goal) – and when it did, the FitBit let me know. Vibrations, flashing messages, and a nice smiley face. Pretty neat! I do like seeing all the stats on the iPhone app, and it does make me want to beat yesterday’s stats. So for me, no more asking how it is motivating. (I’m still unsure how it shows 13 floors walked yesterday … I definitely take the stairs at work every time I come and go, but it’s only a 2 story building).

The Charge HR also includes alarms, sleep tracking, continuous heart rate monitoring, and even caller ID when your phone rings – which cracks me up – plus many other features for such a small wrist “watch.”

As a side note / update from my last post – I did hit my milestone of 150 pounds lost, and I am hoping adding this exercise program will keep the weight loss moving.  Hey, maybe I’ll even join a gym…. well… maybe one day.

I hope my FitBit and I have a long and “healthy” life together! 😉  Let’s go walk!!

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