{ year one }

Wow. One year down.

Hard to believe a full year is behind me as of yesterday. Some days it feels like I’ll never get to my goal, but as of this morning, I am 141 pounds closer to my goal. The weight has been moving slower as I’ve lost more and more, but I am hoping I might reach my goal in 2015.

I’ve always heard not to celebrate anything with food, but maybe that depends on what you eat. πŸ˜‰
Yesterday I honored my one year mark with a delicious celebratory ribeye – with extra garlic butter, of course!
Low Carb 1 year  |  Losing Loads

As I reflect on this last year, it really is amazing how far I’ve come β€” how much I’ve lost, how much better I feel, and how different I see myself. I never would have imagined the weight would have come off the way it has in the past 365 days.

Of course, I have more work to do this year β€” not just losing more weight, also seeing myself differently as my body changes. My mind still sees the “old me” in the mirror some days β€” it has gotten better, but on bad days all I see is the extra weight, not what is already gone. I know it will get better with time, but it will take more work, maybe for years.
I have to remember how far I’ve come this year β€” especially on those bad days… 141 pounds closer!
Low Carb 1 year  |  Losing Loads

2015 – LET’S DO THIS!


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