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{ moving forward }

I’m going to be completely honest…losing weight is HARD. There’s no other way to say it. You are a slave to your scale on a daily basis (some times multiple times a day) – and those daily fluctuations can make or wreck your entire day.

This past month has been pretty tough. Everyone has those good and bad phases as they progress losing weight, we all know it, but that doesn’t make the bad days any better. Thankfully they do pass, and hopefully I’m past this phase. From mid-September / early Oct, my weight had sort of stalled – fluctuating around the same few pounds. About mid-October I decided to do a 3-day Fat Fast, as I’ve had success with them before. During my fat fast, I read about something called an Egg Fast – it’s restrictive on what you can eat, like the fat fast, but not restrictive on how much you can eat. So, after my 3 day fat fast, I switched to a 2 day egg fast. In one week’s time, I lost 12 POUNDS. Unreal. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, a few days later… I was in the ER. My heart had an irregular heartbeat. After all the labs, tests, Xray, and EKGs, my bloodwork came back as the “best they’ve seen all day” (yay low carb!) … except I had low potassium, which was causing my heart to go crazy. I take a multi-vitamin every day, and swore it had potassium – apparently it did not, and multi-vitamins that actually do have it (very few apparently), don’t have very much at all. The ER doctor put me on a very high dose “drinkable” potassium, which was pretty much the nastiest thing ever to drink, and was directed to follow up with my regular doctor within a few days. When I saw my doctor 5 days later, I had gained 5 pounds. I was SICK over this fact. I asked to be taken off the drinkable potassium, and she put me on a lower dose pill, thankfully. I could tell the potassium was making me retain water, even though all the info you read about it says it keeps you from retaining water (apparently my body is totally opposite that all medical knowledge). During this time, I did not cheat, I ate everything I should have, I tried eating less, I tried eating more, and the weight kept coming on.

These are the days that make weight loss so hard. These are the days that create quitters. You want to throw in the towel. You want to gorge yourself on all things sugary, sweet, starchy, and more…. because “what difference does it make”?? THIS is the time it makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE in the WORLD. I am saying this to myself as well as anyone else reading this. When my next rough patch comes, I must tell myself this constantly. DO NOT QUIT. Your body will eventually give up and “let go.” It’s a continuous war between you and your body. You are trying to lose the weight, and your body says “what’s going on?!? I have to hold on to this fat in case I don’t get more food/carbs to sustain this current weight!” Make your body give up. Win. The. War.

My body, hopefully, has finally given up. At least for this small battle. After 3 long weeks of gaining, then SLOWLY losing… Today, my weight has finally come back down to be lower than the lowest point after the fat/egg fasts. I am really close to 130 pounds lost (129.6 this morning). I would like to lose 150 pounds by my one year mark in 6 1/2 weeks, and with this set back I’m not quite sure it will happen. But it WILL happen eventually. Yes, I would like to be further along than I am now, but that’s okay. A loss is a loss any day. And I’ll take it.

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