{ beginnings }

My story starts at Christmas 2013… my parents announced they were taking the entire family on an Alaskan cruise for their 50th wedding anniversary the following July!  How exciting, new places, new adventures … and then the worry set in. What about the airline seats and seatbelts?  What about walking around town at each port of call? What about the ship’s facilities?  I didn’t know what to expect or what I was going to do. That was IT. Something had to be done, and this was the time to do it — and now I had a deadline.  SIX MONTHS.

Low carb had worked for me before, and I got complacent. If I could go back, I would in a heartbeat. As they say – nothing you eat is as good as healthy feels. My daughter was so young she never knew her mother as “thinner” (I won’t say skinny because I was never “skinny”), I was always how I looked to her. But the time had come, and back to low carb.  December 29, 2013 was my first official weigh-in (after eating more healthy on the 28th). WOW. So much to lose, but I had to look at it mini goals along the way – you can’t ever look at a gigantic goal that never seems reachable, it’s too discouraging. Ten pounds here, 10 pounds there, maybe looking for the round 50 pounds ahead…

Fast forward 6 months:  A few days before we were to leave for the cruise, I officially hit 90 pounds down. I had to buy clothes, and more clothes, and more clothes because everything fit like a tent. I was confident flying, loved the cruise (Alaska is AMAZING), and we even got our family photo taken on the ship.  I was totally against family photos – or photos of any kind with me involved – so my before photo was a fluke that happened to be taken right before I started this journey. Our family photo on the ship was gorgeous, and I was so happy how it turned out. I walked all over town without needing to stop, not to mention walking all over a large ship. Since this cruise is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity, I took advantage. I ate anything on the menu, tried new things, enjoyed the excellent cruise cuisine at every meal. NO REGRETS.  Once I got back, I knew this wasn’t over.  Even though the trip started this weight loss journey, and now the trip was over, I had come way too far to look back now. I got back home — and back to my scale — to find 12 pounds. However, 6 pounds came off in 3 days … just water weight from all the carbs. So only 6 pounds up? I could deal with that.

I’ve had ups and downs (literally in weight, and literally in mental state) — but here I am 8 months later, and 110 pounds lost with more to go.

Low Carb Weight Loss Journey  |  Losing Loads

I wanted a place to keep my thoughts as I continue this ongoing journey. Some days I feel like a complete blob, and I forget how far I’ve come — I need a place to remember.

It’s not over, I’ve come this far already, it will be a while till it’s over, and even then… this won’t be over. EVER.


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